The never ending story

Historically, marginalized communities such as queer and trans folks, women, and people of color have often had our stories erased, made to be invisible, and therefore become inaccessible. But our stories are our greatest strength. They are where we derive our hope and our survival.

How can we keep our stories of hope, pain, burnout and survival alive? Let’s change the narrative together. Your story matters and can contribute to a powerful narrative of reclaiming community. 

In this writing workshop we will focus on reclaiming our Truth and turning it into a meditation for others to encounter and derive strength from. Using the Our Bible App template, writers will share personal stories in small groups to convert their Trauma-as-Truth into a meditation. We share in a guided discussion on how our powerful stories are often overshadowed by toxic narratives that do not uplift oppressed communities.

Once a story is told and then shared with others, it becomes a tool for change and power. Therefore, authors will be encouraged to add their meditation to the daily reading plan published in Our Bible App as part of the Never Ending Story project. #TellYourTruth

*This workshop is interfaith and nonsectarian


the Deconstructionists playbook

When I came out as a lesbian I suddenly needed to reframe my identity. Everything was called into question, from my gender expression to community and of course what I believed in spiritually. Was there a God and did She care about my orientation?

I was in a phase of deconstruction. When done with intention, deconstruction can be very grounding and rewarding. Join Crystal on a journey to ask the hard questions, be vulnerable and take apart belief systems that don’t serve us anymore. Let’s focus on liberation as a life theology and discover tools for a phase of reconstruction. 

Based on daily reading plans in Our Bible App, participants will read, write and grow in this 60-90 minute workshop together.

*This workshop is interfaith and nonsectarian


Lord Have Mercy - Live Recording

Saying it out loud is the first step to community healing and is the backbone of Crystal Cheatham’s interviews on her podcast Lord Have Mercy. Invite host Crystal Cheatham to live interview a local guest on the topics of faith, coming of age and purity culture. Afterwards audience members are invited to participate in the conversation by asking questions. The guest interview and audience questions will be aired an episode of Lord Have Mercy, featuring your conference, University, or church event.

*This workshop is interfaith and nonsectarian



“I attended your workshop at the QCF Conference in Chicago! Loved it. Thank you!”

I so much enjoyed your session. Here is the devotional I wrote. Thanks for asking us to do this.”

―Brian P.

It was so so so wonderful to hear your talk and I'm so glad we had this opportunity to contribute. <3”
― Levi P.



“Hi! Good to be a part of this”
― Briana



“Check out this colorful amazing female podcast that helps us all to know that there is awesome amazingness in spirituality!”
― Callie Adams