Seeking writers

Our Bible app is currently seeking writers for devotionals. Click the link below to discover how you can contribute to the growing number of devotionals for diverse spiritual audiences. 

In The Spirit of Popular Education...

Hey you! Yeah you. Did your heart burn when we posted our first call for devotional submissions? Maybe you got so far as to conjure a theme for your piece but stopped short once you discovered that you had to pair each day with a bible verse. Well now's your chance to get involved in co-creating the library for Our Bible app. If you have a powerful meditation or worship thought then get to writing. After receiving some fantastic bible-centered devotionals we are now also seeking writers of bible-free and bible-lite content. If you have something inspirational to say then take a look at our suggested writing prompts or create your own. We are now considering meditations that lightly rely on biblical content and meditations that don't require biblical knowledge at all. 

Suggested Themes

  • Justice As Worship

  • Self Care: Caring for yourself to care for others

  • Compassion: Springs of life in deserted places

  • Family: Finding family in the strangest of places

  • Relationships: Sex now or sex later

  • Truth: A tangle of lies

  • Addiction: When is enough, enough

Submissions should include the following. Please be sure to identify how many days your devotional will last. 

  • Theme & Title: Must be explicit as to what the focus of your devotional is.

  • *Quote or Bible Passage: This is an optional addition to your meditation. If submitting quotes from published texts, please include copyright information (publisher, title, author, year published, page passage is found on)

  • Main Message: Budget 200-1,000 words per message, per day. Your message should be short and to the point. Include as many days as you like.

Church becoming accessible by an app on your phone is a radical idea, but it’s already happening. Our Bible app is just that, it’s a church outside of church, a network of universal community. And unlike those dogmatic Bible apps that are infused with political beliefs Our Bible app offers spiritually centered devotionals for the rest of us.