Crystal Cheatham

Lord Have Mercy

Vandalize Bad Theology #HolyBlackedOut


Antonia Terrazas and her project Holy Blacked Out is a manifesto against bad theology. Using it as an effort to reframe a history of run-ins with crooked-ish Christianity, Antonia is here to talk about her work and the Mountain Top Moments that brought her to it. You should see her work at @HolyBlackedOut on Instagram. I created one from an old purity book on courtship (yeah, I know right?!) one and it truly is therapeutic, allowing us to unbind the damaging messages from books we read years ago. Check out my poem above!


ā€œSex at its best. Great sex! Sex with cries of delight, with passion and pure desire, not only as a relationship. Your love, far from a curse, is a blessing.ā€ By @CrystalCheatham  @holyblackedout #LordHaveMercy @AntoniaTerrazas