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Our Bible App

Believers of All Stripes

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Our Bible App

Uplifting Believers of ALL Stripes

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Feature 1

A library of affirming & diverse devotionals written by some of the leading voices in affirming & accepting Christianity

A community board where you can invite friends & build community

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Feature 2

A calendar progress bar that helps you keep up on your daily devotionals so that you can start your own daily plans and follow them for a few days, weeks or months.

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Feature 3

Multiple Bible translations and daily verses with the ability to highlight, copy and paste

Access to podcasts, videos & articles



I don't know about you but I get frustrated when I go to the Christian section of a bookstore and amongst the hundreds and thousands of books, there are none that feel like they are talking to me. None of us is defined by one or two identities, but conservative Christianity today seems to believe we are all the same person with the same needs, wants and desires. (By the way I'm a black, female, lesbian and that's a pretty tall order to fill when looking for something that speaks to me.) 

Devotionals on friendships, romantic relationships, family, love, life journeys and others are all geared towards a very specific kind of Christian, and in today's society that brand of conservative fundamentalist Christianity is seemingly less and less Christlike. It doesn't appeal to LGBT people, their allies, feminists, agnostics, people who feel more spiritual than religious or even folks who just want wise words to meditate on. Instead what is offered is so heteronormative, judgy, shaming and well... political. What's more, those devotionals parcel the true language of the Bible to fit certain molds of faith and worship and let's face it. The Bible doesn't say just one thing about anything. There are as many narratives as there are identities and we need to honor that! The truth is, there are people writing affirming and inclusive devotionals, but you won't find them in a Christian bookstore. 


In response to this I've created a Bible app that caters to the rest of us; the Christians who are queer, straight, and generally identify as the Other kind of Christian. We want to explore the Bible through narratives that are inclusive of our identities and whom God made us to be. We are often seen as the outsiders, but we too need devotionals and worship materials that theologize our particular human experiences. 

Our Bible app is just that. 

 That's where you come in. In order to get this app to the next level I need your help. I need, want, am crazy about raising the funds I need to make this app appear on your phone. If we want to make that happen we need to raise $40,000. This cash will go to writing, developing and launching the Our Bible app.