Crystal Cheatham

Lord Have Mercy

Crystal Cheatham on set with host Nathan Manske of I'm From Driftwood

Crystal Cheatham on set with host Nathan Manske of I'm From Driftwood

Hello everyone. I'm Crystal Cheatham. You may remember me as the creator of the IDentity Kit for Queer Christian Youth, Follow The Red Balloon or the queer Christian folk singer that passed through your town once upon a time a million years ago. I'm also the gal around town writing queer faith articles for the Philadelphia Gay Newspaper, HuffPo, The New Civil Rights Movement and other online publications. But I think most of you know me as the most beautiful and hilarious person you've ever met. Ok, just playing. That's definitely wishful thinking. In all of my writing, singing and performing I've been candid about my time growing up in a fundamentalist church and how confusing it was to come out and deal with that whole clusterf@ck of a second puberty. 

I've spent a lot of time trying to cope with that experience and while I've done a lot of growing I still have questions. I'm constantly working to reconcile my confluence of identities with the image of what the world expects a black woman to be like. As it turns out I'm also a lesbian and have great faith in God. It's not easy work, especially in a society like ours that doesn't quite embrace difference and diversity, as I'm sure you know too. I do what I can to document my journey through music, podcasts, videos and articles but it never seems like enough. If you're watching and listening, I hope you enjoy the ride and please, do me a favor, reach out to me when you can. I think we could all use a little more connection in this space. 

God Bless,